Membership Criteria

There are three types of SPORALTEC memberships: “Members”, “Permanent Guests” and “Followers”.


All those who wish to increase their competitiveness in the sports sector through innovation may join as a member.  This can include:

  • Companies: industries, distributors, or providers involved with innovation, and in a larger sense, any company in the process of developing its activity involving innovation in the sports sector
  • Innovation, Research & Training: laboratories, technical centers, training and research centers
  • Partners: other clusters, French hubs of competitiveness, agencies, associations or other organizations related to sports and/or innovation. Professional organizations, institutions, consular organizations and federations are also welcome.

Permanent Guests

Primary financial sponsors are invited to be permanent guests.


Companies, laboratories, federations, other clusters who are neither Members nor Permanent Guests but who are interested in keeping abreast of the SPORALTEC cluster’s actions, missions and agenda may be Followers.  Information is transmitted by email only.

To join SPORALTEC, download the Membership Criteria.